LOGO: Look for the eye… Gingerly holding a cup of steaming brew are hand-like leaves OR tongues of flames licking a cauldron… What would the sky of imagination be without a sun, moon & star?

INTERIORS: It’s like walking into a forest and finding a quaint, tiny cottage that feels like a warm, cozy manor inside… Has a resident time warp and a frequently visiting vortex of different cultural influences… You may hear some ramblings or the hoot of an owl or two while inside.

ARTWORKS come alive, and not just at midnight! It’s been said that Da Vinci and Van Eyck visit on occasion, but mostly it’s a haunt for local artists to celebrate their craft…. Oh, and Shakespeare and Hans Christian Andersen have been heard across the hall on some poetry-reading nights…

MUSIC flows through at Mystic Brew! Free to use are an acoustic guitar, a violin, a tribal drum, and a microphone for the the brave bard or crooner. Acoustic nights are a crowd-drawer!

MAGICK resonates around the premises

of this watering hole, as people of different

beliefs come together to share their craft,

wisdom, skills & curious paraphernalia.

MORE trivia coming soon….

Mystic Brew Cafe goes beyond wickedly good coffee, as it brews a community of local artists, creative folk and forward-thinking people who seek experiences & connections that breach into the extraordinary! Mystic Brew is a creative outcrop of it's proprietor, lending expression to his love for design, people and coffee. So what is the Mystic Brew experience?  It can be a surrender to hearty food that's intriguingly delicious, or to coffee & tea that are simply divine! Or it's like walking into the woods and finding a story-book-like cottage, or sitting in a manor with Gothic windows that reveal a dreamy sky. Perhaps it's the warm greeting of its staff, or the inspiring books that litter the cafe. Maybe it's the crafts and curious goods that are nestled on the gift shop shelves. Most likely, it's a combination of all these that create the magickal experience that beckons one to become, not a visitor, but a patron of

Mystic Brew Cafe & Curios.

MYSTIC BREW Cafe & Curios (Philippines)