MYSTIC BREW Cafe & Curios (Philippines)
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MYSTIC BREW Cafe & Curios

is all about treating yourself and loved ones with lustfully concocted food & coffee as well as passionately made gifts and crafts. MYSTIC BREW is not just a great find for foodies but also a haven for artists, creative & revolutionary thinkers, entrepreneurial folk & believers in the wonderful world of magick!

Mystic Brew Cafe stages events such as poetry reading nights, musical performances, and other creative activities – thus, with its growing community of artists, Mystic Brew has been dubbed as the “Playground for the Arts” in the South!

It has also become a favorite venue for private celebrations (birthday parties, baptisms, anniversaries), as well as corporate meetings.

Get some magickal supplies as well as creative practical gifts at the Mystic Brew BOX SHOP!

Tarot Readings are held every Friday night for those seeking counsel (or for the curious) – contact us for an appointment.

                             Not your usual cafe, Mystic Brew dares to celebrate the realm of the extraordinary!

Let the wickedly good times roll!